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I am in need of some help and would like to ask for assitance: -

The organisation that I currently work for has expressed concern with regards to the quantity of digitally captured data that seems to be stored throughout the organisation with no controll what so ever.
I have therefore been tasked with the required as thus:
"To develop a system that will capture data (via CMM's and laser trakering devices etc) and store them in one location that will be eccessable and viewable from any area of the business over the organisations Intranet Site"
This seems simple and it will be, but we require (I require) any help or suggections that anybody can offer me in this goal. I know that BAE Systems are in the process of developing a QEDM system (Quality Engineering Data Management) that will enable storage, viewing and analysis over the organisations intranet site and will probably become a benchmark throughout the Aerospace industry but does anyone have any advice or know anything about it? I would like to introduce some of their components or theories into my intranet site.

Jim Biz

Not sure I can help in this area - but to further the discussion - the first thing that comes to mind is asking for a few more details --- Like

How big is "the organization"? ---- 50 people --- 2000 more?
How many CMM - or digital stations will supply this data base?
How much Data is collected daily? weekly? etc.
How long will the controlled storage timeframe be??
Are all the collection points within one shop? or multiple sites?

Not as a reccomendation - but as a possible infomation spot - there was a few years back place called "Digimite" or "Digimatic" - that dealt with these types of storing issues. - I believe "Mitutoyo also has systems for this.
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KenK - 2009

My business is currently considering purchasing a very nice data collection & management tool from Hertzler Systems. I would strongly suggest you look into it too. It sounds like an excellent fit.

One of the things that really attracted us to Hertzler is its ability to seamlessly transfer data into MINITAB statistical software.

They provide tools for collecting the data, storing it into a database (you provide the database itself), and then it has a tool for filtering and analysis of the data. Its pretty cool.

Their web site is

Note: I have no association with Hertzler Systems beyond being a customer.

Ken K.

Dave W 2005


I would be interested to hear how you have progressed with this. I'm based at Filton, and have similar queries here.



Data Management

Do you work for BAE? If so I can help you with what you want. If not I will write to you with details of what I have accomplished.

If you work for BAE, please email me with your full name and contactnumber and I will phone ASAP

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