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A friend asked me if I knew of a database accessible on the Internet that listed all the QS-9000 registered companies. I only know of the ISO-9000 database on Quality Digest. I performed a search here on the Cove, and went through the first 30 pages of 72 and it did not appear that this subject has been initiated. If it has, I apologize. Thanks for your help in this matter.


There is an official QS-9000 database that is compiled by the American Society for Quality. You have a choice of buying a CD-ROM (issued quarterly) or accessing it online. We purchased the CD, which costs $153 for the year (4 updates) - they add it to my annual dues. I am not sure if the online version costs the same. You can check out for details.

There is also information at, but this listing is not complete or official. I think it is more complete than the quality digest one.

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