Datum A and B are both Cylinders (GD&T)



I have a question that is just killing me. hopefully you guys can help me.

I have a bent tube and my Datums A and B are both cylinders. they are one at the end of the pipe, and one at the other end of the pipe.

I can not figure out wich of these axes creates a plane and in what direction. I mean avery datum creates a plane. but since these are axes, in what direction would be the plane created by datum A? and the same for Datum B. I am attaching the file I am talking about.

tnahks in advance.

Omar R.

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will look at drawing, but remember (depending on how they are established/called out) Datums can be planar/surface, an axis, a centerplane, points, lines or areas

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Since the notes state that the part is measured in a constrained state, a fixture must be used which simplifies and complicates the issue. Fixturing datums A and B RFS will be a challenge but once you solve that, you can align off the fixture.
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