Daylight Savings (Summer) Time?


Bruce Epstein

Does anyone else notice that the Forum seems to have stayed in Standard Time? I didn't have time (no pun intended) to visit much last week (see other posts for description of our internal audit), so I didn't notice (Europe went to Daylight Savings Time [called "Summer Time" over here] on March 31) when it went wrong, but today I notice that the Forum is one hour behind. (whew)

Is this intentional? Is this true in other time zones?

Inquiring minds want to know...

Yep 1 hour behind..

You're right, it is one hour behind. I hadn't noticed... One way around that would be to use UTC/GMT time. It never changes.

UTC = Universal Time Coordinated = GMT = Greenwich Mean Time.

On the other hand it's not much of a problem.



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The forums stay in 'standard' time based upon the server time which is based upon Greenwich Mean Time. Servers don't 'update' to daylight savings time like PCs do.

I'll blame it on Indiana (in the US) where much of the state (all?) stays on standard time all year long. So.... (Just kidding!) :)

Just go into your UserCP and then your 'prefs' and change the time zone (I went from GMT -5 hrs to GMT -4 hours as I remember) while you're in daylight savings time. In the fall, change it back.

No - the forums software (like most watches?) is not 'smart' enough to know what city, county, state, country (etc) each user is from and calculating if, and if so when, to adjust each user's time for 'daylight savings' time. Yup - we're still living in the stone age.


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I have never been able to make sense of the time thing on this forum. I think part of the problem I can't see where the big hand is.

Marc, you are right about Indania. Going to Chicago I always get confused when I'm in that lovely state. Come to think of it I'm just plain always confused!:biglaugh:

James Gutherson

I blame it on New Zealand, where the time is 1957!:biglaugh:

(Just kidding Kiwi's)

(from the West Island)

Randy Stewart

I've never understood the purpose of the time change anyway. One morning it is finally getting light out and I feel like winter is over (even in MI) and then the next week it's going to work in the dark again. Oh well, when you're a mushroom it doesn't really matter!!!!:cool: But the Union Lake Golf Course has 9 holes open now!!!!!!!


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Time change is interesting. Living in Indiana and working in a town that "Springs forward and Falls back" is sometimes difficult, although all the manufacturing plants do not change their clocks. They have tried to do away with it in our state, but have failed on several occasions
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