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DCMA inspection for a drop-shipment

DLA order needing DCMA inspection. Would prefer to have the inspection done at the MFR location (Philly) and not ours (Los Angeles). Our first DLA order, and not very familiar with performing a source inspection prior to DCMA arriving for their inspection. Are there contractors (ideally, ex-DCMAers) available to perform the source inspection on our behalf in Philly and, if so, how do I find them? Thanks.
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Not sure your exact situation but it is possible that you may be able to get DCMA to have a letter of delegation transferring some level of inspection oversight to your lower level supplier.

Also, not knowing your situation; I'd assume that the responsibility for performing the inspections is yours (or your subcontractor); DCMA should generally be verifying your work/inspections potentially with some lower level sample of their own.

Inspection of supplies clause 52.246-2 should also be specifying requirements for you pre-notifying DCMA prior to performing tests/inspections.

Thanks David.

We've been proceeding as though we need to first inspect the product, ensure it meets the DLA contract requirements, and then bring in DCMA to verify all is good.

Because the material is distant, I was hoping there might be a Quality Assurance person familiar with DLA requirements that we could rent for a few hours to act on our behalf. Just didn't know where to turn to rent-a-QA near Philly.

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