December Deadline - Registrars can not maintain certifications after December?


Holly Blankenship

This may be a bit of a dumb question at this late date. Most of our plants have successfully transitioned to the new standard, but we have one that has undergone a lot of senior staff change and is not close to ready. My understanding iwas that re-registration to the new standard must be complete by December. But I caught a line in Quality Digest that said Registrars could not maintain certifications after December. Since the plant in question is current thru next fall, do we still have time to do it right?

Any help in setting me on the right road will be appreciated.


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Holly Blankenship said:
Since the plant in question is current thru next fall, do we still have time to do it right?
Hello Holly and Welcome to the Cove:bigwave:

What do you mean by current thru next fall. Is this facility already registered to 9K2K? I would assume so, because all 1994 certificates expire on December 15 (I think that is the correct date). Our original certificate was to expire on the 29th of this year and our Registrar had to pull it and re-issue with the new date, per the RAB requirements.

Give us some more info and we will see what we can do.

CX is correct. Your ISO 900x:1994 certificate expires December 15, 2003. It does not matter what expiration date that your registrar printed on it.

Simon Timperley

Although I sympathise with your situation Holly...I am very pleased that there will be no excuses accepted and no extensions given.


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Holly -- in the continued spirit of 'no dumb questions', you didn't say
which standard you are registered to. If ISO 9000:1994, then 12/15/2003 as
everyone has said, regardless of what your cert might say.

I imagine that you could just pile on the effort, do the audit, maybe get
bloody and bruised, but muddle thru anyway? Might not be pretty but
could still work. Depends on how big your gaps are.

You could also let the cert lapse and re-certify; bargain with the registrar
to get a reduced audit cost for the new audit. Plead with your customers
and hope for the best.

But if you're QS-9000, a different story. QS-9000 continues until 2006 although some
customers (Chrysler, Visteon) demand earlier transition. The ISO part would
go away but that doesn't really matter to the automotive OE's.


Aaron Lupo

Simon Timperley said:
Hello Chaps,

Let's give a nice 'big finger' to all of those who have worked their socks off and achieved the transition to ISO 9001:2000. :bigwave:

That is really nice! You had three years to make the conversion quit your whinning!
Slow down ISO Guy, let's look around for some facts...

I found the same information at ***DEAD LINK REMOVED*** . (And let it be known that I disapprove :frust: ). There seems to be no mention about this at the ISO site however. I mailed them for a comment.

Does anyone have more information about this? :confused:

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