Defibrillator Protection applicability When using Multiple applied parts


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We are working on a device which will have both ECG and SPO2 features. We are planning to use a separate ECG Cable with Defib protection resistors built in cable and SPO2 Sensor cable.

During the Defibrillator protection test, Will the SPO2 Sensor cable also be subjected to Defib testing...? In IEC 60601-1 Ed. 3.1; Section Common Mode test: It is mentioned "If an applied part has multiple functions, the test voltage is applied to all the patient connections of one function at a time with the other functions disconnected".

Also, When using Multiple applied parts, Standard requires 1MOPP Separation between the two applied parts. If we maintain Creepage distance of 2mm between the two applied parts rite from distance between Connectors to the distance between the traces of individual applied part signals.

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