Define Final Inspection Requirements on the Control Plan?


Al Dyer

Final Inspection

This may sound a little basic so bear with me.

My view is that:

1: There is no specific location for the process of final inspection and that it may be performed at the production cell.

-Others in the organization argue that it must be performed in a controlled laboratory setting.

2: We specify which dimensions are to be verified during final inspection on the control plan. I.E. we don't need a full dimensional layout. (This assuems the customer has approved the PPAP warrant)

-Others in the organization insist that all dimensions have to be noted on the final inspection section of the control plan. I.E. full dimensional layout.

My arguement is that we define the final inspection requirements on the control plan, that the inspection can take place at the production cell, and that a trained operator can perform and document the final inspection. (With approved PPAP)

I would appreciate any input.


Al Dyer
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Don Watt

Hi Al,

I'm in agreement with your views, i.e. you don't need to measure/ inspect everything ;
Trained Operators can perform final inspection as part of the cell.

If you were to adopt your colleagues views of verifying separately in a controlled lab, you are 1) increasing cost & 2) moving the onus for product quality from the operator

I'll be interested to see what others think!
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