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Defining Critical Vs. Non-Critical Suppliers/Service Providers (API Q1, 9th. Ed.)



Hi Everybody,

Referring to the new requirements of the 9th. edition of API Spec Q1, I have defined the suppliers / service providers criticality as follow:

- I put all BOM item suppliers, critical services (NDT, etc.), calibration, etc. under critical.

- I put logistics, packaging material and maintenance suppliers and service providers under non-critical because they don't directly affect product quality but might affect product realization and final product.

Is that ok? if not can you please give examples of non-critical purchases and service provisions.



Non-critical suppliers will be "rope, soap, and dope" type of stuff, or off the shelf items from your industrial suppliers. Critical suppliers have to do with the product or service your company provides. A rule of thumb if it is integral to the contract with your client (project) and you have a supplier involved that supplier is critical. hint: this might change based on different projects.
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