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I have organizational responsibility for Document and Data Control. Our Production Manager wants the authority to "post" information in the production area. He has done so on many occasions. I'm concerned that some of these postings are "work instructions". In fact, the PM agrees that some could be defined as such. Some are even taken directly from documented SOPs! However, they are not "controlled" with revision leves/dates, nor have they been subjected to an "approval" process.

Two questions: 1) How does your organization define a Posted Work Instruction, and 2) Do you interpret the Standard as providing an organization with the discretion and/or lattitude to authorize an individual, such as a Production Manager, to post work instructions as described?
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There is nothing in the standard to say a PM cant issue documents (the standard is not that specific), but like you say they must be issued under the controlled conditions required by ISO9001. The PM can operate this control himself.
Yes, they own the written procedures

Absolutley.... Our managers are the owners of the work instructions concerning their departments. As long as they follow our procedure for control of documents, I'm all for it.


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local control

I typically recommend a part of doc control I call "local control' that allows excerpts, blow ups of an area of a drawing or diagram and posted memos, color coded assy stuff, WI or the be controlled by the area supervisor etc..... i usually design a representative stamp or label for it that the controller/issuer fills the doc # and rev it was taken from ( or correct to, so if a rev changes and the info doesn't a detailed new color coded/blow up example doesn't have to be generated just a new label), who and when issued, exp date if required (not typically...but some times) and so on. detailed WI get a little closer to the normal doc control procedure with revisions. the stamp is designed for each company based on what they is the verbage/rules

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Work instructions are the responsibility of the originator as is the control.

It is up to the originator to ensure their work instructions are controlled in accordance with the data and document control procedure.

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I agree that a PM or area manager, etc. can post work instructions IF they maintain the required doc. control as per your procedures. This is perhaps the ideal situation as well. However, I have found that, especially in the infancy (maybe through the adolesence!) of a QMS often times these managers will "forget" or not follow the doc. control procedures (maybe they're too busy with the "important stuff"), resulting in the predictable chaos of poor doc. control not to mention audit troubles. They often like the "freedom" /"authority" of doing it but sometimes can't play by the rules.

One option is to train them well in the proper doc. control procedures and tell them they can do it on their own as long as they play by the rules. Then, formally or informally, audit them often until you are confident they pass muster. If they drop the ball, you have two choices: Report them to their superior if you think that'll do any good (in some cultures yes, in others, no). Or, take it from them, forcing them to go through you for issuance/change control etc. More work for you, unfortunatley, but perhaps less than dealing with the chaos when they don't behave. Then, perhaps later, when the QMS is more ingrained and mature (one hopes!) maybe they can take it back and do it right.

Just one of those many cases where sometimes the ideal doesn't work in the real world, unfortunately. JMHO.

Mike S.


W/I, Notes etc.

Our policy is:

Anything related to "how you do your job" has to be controlled.

Below is in my W/I.

"Any individual page(s) removed from the document and placed at a site away from the controlled document shall be kept intact and controlled by the process number and revision. The person posting will document page(s) posted and their location on the front page of the controlled document. This will alert Document Control to update/ remove posted copies when changing over documents. The removed copies will be forwarded to the appropriate Engineer and the Engineer will update posted copy as deemed necessary and annotate on coversheet."

Michelle<who is the doc tech.
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