Definition and Way to Calculate some Metrics



I would like to have some definition and way to calculate some metrixs:
First Time Through (FTT), Dock to Dock (DTD), Percent Value Add (PVA).


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For starters:

First Time Through (FTT) - through.html
Definition: First Time Through is the percentage of units that complete a process and meet quality guidelines the first tie without being scrapped, rerun, retested, diverted for off-line repair, or returned. It is a measure of the quality of the manufacturing process.

Dock to Dock (DTD) -

Also see FORD Acronyms (aka 'Initialisms' - Not Always True Acronyms) List -

Hopefully some of the others here can help with more specifics.


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Unfortunately the "EFCOG" organization took down those materials a few years ago. I've attached an updated version of how to choose metrics.

Slide 10 has a dead link to a file in which I was interested. Do you still have access?

Steve Prevette

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Sure. Attached. This is from a course on "measures of effectiveness" at the US Naval Postgraduate School.

I really should figure a place to put these files. Should start a library here on the Cove.

It's off to the Chalk River Site next week, and I'll also be doing an ASQ talk for the Ottawa Valley Section at the end of the month.


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