Definition of family of parts - PPAP Sec.II - FORD Specific Instructions


Micaelah Ash

Please tell me the definition of family of parts.(PPAP Sec.II FORD Specific Instructions)
Original product and revised product?
Old model and new model?

Any help is greatly appreciated.
Thanks in advance.


IMO, "family" means parts that share the same the same basic construction and processing.
I worked for a company that Mfg. air,oil, and fuel filters for the OEM market.
While there are 100's of different kinds of each filter, I only needed three FMEA's and three Control Plan's (one for each type) because each type of filter was processed under the same conditions.

Spaceman Spiff

A family of parts means that various part numbers have the same type configuration. For example, in my last job we made sensors for automotive application. The sensors look identical except the electrical resistance values. Hope that helps.

Jim Biz

We have "family of parts"
Part number 1036) 25.0mm outside diameter 20.0mm inside - 15.0mm long
Part number 1037) 25.0mm outside diameter 20.0mm inside diameter 25.0mm long
Part number 1038) 25.0 mm outside diameter 20.0mm otside diameter 40.0 long

All 3 make up "family" (or) group of like parts.

Origional Part Revision A in change block on blueprint...
Revised part - revision B on blueprint

Micaelah Ash

Thank you very much for your help!
I understood definition of "family of parts".
BTW, Does anyone know some BIG3's official documents which describes definition of "family of parts" in a glossary or whatelse?
If you have it, please tell me what says it.

Thank you again.
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