Delete Restrictions to be enabled AT BOTH Operating System & Application Levels


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restrictions on deleting a file/folder can be applied/achieved through
* part-11 compliant applications
* operating system(OS) level.

these are usually achieved by
* defining(viz., restricting) user-privileges for 'delete' option at user/group levels.
* apart from having user-previliges, certain compliant applications provide additional
control because of their (design)way of handling data., viz., having an internal database
which encrypts/restricts access of data to the user-levels.

($)Hence the above question,
1) Should the restrictions of 'deletion' be applied at both levels? (OS + application);
or can we rely on application-level controls, and relax the OS-level esp. where application
controls are verified/demonstrated.?

($)actually there is specific scenario,
where the application has internal controls (verified & demonstrated), but has an interim (temp folder)
state where data is intermittently+momentarily stored- before pushing it to its internal database;
this temp folder process is getting affected by dual-controls;
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Well clearly you need to let the tool do its thing. Can you direct the temp folders to a less-restricted workspace?

To answer the first question, though, you should probably do some kind of analysis. Are there any gaps in security that are NOT filled by just the tool and its controls? If so, then maybe additional controls are required at the OS level.

No system is going to be absolutely secure so look at what's reasonable given your work environment.
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