Delivery Performance


Daniel Emond

I want to know if somebody has dealed with element "delivery performance". Specially for shipment by train. We haven't been able yet to get information from these companies to monitore their delivery performances.

It's easy to follow the shipment when trucks are used. The subcontractors simply send us back, each month, the delivery dates on a form that we have created. Then, if corrective actions are needed, we process.

With shipment by train, it's not as easy. Probably, because of the difficulty we have to establish contact with them (they are too big !)

Any concrete experiences ?


Fully vaccinated are you?
I can't say I have concrete experience but I've read a lot about train shipping (mainly in business magazines telling about all the problems - I think that was last year, though.

I would propose a plan to your registrar where you don't monitor trains. I would cite the reality of the difficulty of receiving information from the rail company. I can see where a rail company may also simply not be set up to provide that information.

Can you get receiving information from your customer (when they received it)?

Make a proposal where you track what you can and ask if they find it acceptable. That's not against the rules.
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