Delta FAIR due to a Drawing Change


inspector Peter

I have a question. I am doing a DELTA FAIR due to a drawing change. One of the changes has deleted a note from the drawing. Should this be ballooned at the location of the now missing note and referenced on form 3 or ignored? Similarly, a dimension has now been made into a ref dimention. Reference dims not required on form 3 but this DELTA is covering the changes. What do you think?


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Technically, yes but talk to your customer they might not need one because of future changes they are contemplating. Get it in writing that a Delta FAIR is not required for a delete requirement.

inspector Peter

Thanks. there are a total of 54 changes altogether, I just mentioned the examples I am struggling to get my head round. I have thought it best to cover everything and include the change note to show what/why it has been done. lot of work! Thanks for the input.

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Typically, on the FAIR forms there is a place for comments or notes. I have used that space to communicate drawing changes that wouldn't fall under a bubble identification.
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