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Good day everyone. It's been awhile since I posted here. I'm just basically a lurker here. I want to hear your opinion regarding my dilemma. I'm a newly hired Deputy QMR of a new company. The scope of their QMS is Installation and Distribution of a certain equipment.

My question is related to the Design and Development clause. I'm thinking of excluding it in the QMS for a reason: Although we create a drawing on how we will install the equipment on a company/residential house, I don't consider it as a Designing activity. Is my thinking correct? :)

Thank you in advance for answering.

Our company is targeting ISO 9001:2015 certification

John Broomfield

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It seems that your company provides an installation and distribution service.

As such your company designed and redesigns its service as an ongoing business and then further develops its service for each customer, contract or project.

That maybe the extent of your design and development but it’s important to your customers and to the continuity of your business.

Kindly let us know if I’ve got this wrong and why.


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