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Design and development of user centric audit report visualisation tool

I’ve been working on a free web-based tool that enables users (management system professionals) to record audit findings which are then sanitised to be shared anonymously within their industries to allow for realtime benchmarking of audit data, as well as traceability and visualisation turning the data into knowledge and actionable information. The objective of the tool is to enable the QHSE community to learn from one another in a way that they are not risking proprietary information - sharing benefits us all.

If anybody would like to be a part of trying out the tool and providing their input for continual improvement, please let me know.


Thanks for your interest. We've officially launched!

We've got about 80 returning users at the moment entering and visualising data which is also being sanitised and populated into industry/company size categories for benchmarking, functionality which should be released later this year. We want to ensure there's enough data captured to be able to provide genuine value to users before investing in the benchmarking piece.

We've had an article on the platform featured in CQI | IRCA's monthly magazine, Quality World and are in discussions with a few auditing organisations in an attempt to form a partnership to give the tool some credibility and exposure while offering their members a solution for tracking, visualising and sharing the results of their audits more easily.

Have you had a chance to register, enter some audit data and easily create visuals?

Any questions, please don't hesitate to ask!



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