Design and Process - Validation vs. Verification - What is the difference?




I would not consider your situation as verification or validation under the design requirements. That should have been long ago in development when they tested the parts you make to verify that the specification worked in safety, comfort, durability, etc. for the passenger.

I agree with howste - you need to get with your customer and figure out what went wrong in the test. I'm not familiar with your type of testing, but the measurement you noted being so far off makes immediatly suspicious of their measurement.

We used to have issues with customers on hardness of steel. We would be given a spec of 58-60 HRC. Customers would reject parts because they measured 57.9 on their digital tester. Hard to convince them that even a certified test block is +/- 0.5, so 50% of my tolerance is used up in my calibration standard.
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