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We are in the final throws of gaining accreditation to QS-9000 and T&E. Our company is Design Responsible but our Engineering Dept find it very difficult to adhere to “simple guidelines”. As a result I found five nonconformances during a recent internal audit to ISO 9001 mainly cetering on them not keeping evidence for the different stages of the design project.

I have now re-written the procedure to include ONLY the bare essentials and a checklist for each element of Design Control. I would like to compare my procedure with that of a tooling manufacturer for a small company <100 employees who is unequivocally Design responsible.

To show what I’m up against; when I showed my proposal to the Engineering Director, he started to read the standard to find get out clauses for the different Design elements. I tried to explain to him that these were the basic requirements for designing and developing a product. From a layman’s point of view I could see how the Design element could be seen to be time consuming, but if you want to get it right first time, you’ve got to follow the standard. (Or have I got it all wrong?).

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

I have the documents in MSWord, if someone could take a quick look at them, I'd be eternally grateful!

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I'm not a T&E expert - Maybe Laura or Howard can help here.

If no takers, I'll take a quick looksie.

Laura M

Missed this one. I will be glad to take a look. I'm working with my 2nd T/E company right now <100. They are ISO certified and "upgrading" to T/E.

Send to email through above link.


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