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Here's a definition I scribbled down from a Harry Mikel column in ASQ's Quality Progress magazine, August 2000.

"Designing for Six Sigma - focused on abating the various forms fo risk attributable to the design of a product, system or process, regardless of its nature.

"First, it is concerned with reducing the extent of risk exposure inherent to the funcational performance and physical attributes of a design (customer satisfaction).

"Second, it is concerned with reducing the risks associated with the business and operational viability of a design (provider satisfaction issue).

"The goal is to exercise the Breakthrough Strategy to such an extent that each critical value risk point associated with the functional properties and process-ability of a design is limiteds to no more than 3.4 risk exposures per million opportunities for such risk."


Ken K.

I was wondering if you could help me understand specifically is meant by Design for Six Sigma. What topics/techniques are usually covered in the training?

Also, any help in identifying sources of Robust Design/DFSS related information would be greatly appreciated.

Does anyone know of on-line or CD-ROM based training in this area?



Go ask Mikel how many products he has seen that meet this definition. If you get an honest answer it will be zero.

That good ole boy cowboy is master of confusion and intimidation. Does that definition actually explain something to you?

Ken K.


That was the opinion I quickly formed after a meeting with him over 10 years ago - a meeting that you helped arrange (thanks again).

My intent was to meet wtih him for some specific business-related assisatance, but instead he let go with a lecture about lack of stability in data, chaos theory, and how worthless statistics is.

From what I hear not much as changed.

Ken K.



I am the BRoyal who provided the definition from Mikel above (I am writing from work; my password is at home).

Geeez, guys, I was just putting down what Mikel wrote in an article a while back, not a defense of his worldview or bank account.

Ken K.

No offense taken or implied (except maybe toward M.H. himself).

I try never to shoot the messenger. You contribution is very appreciated.

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