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I am having trouble with making Design Output document. Does anyone have any generalized template or anything to help me so i can start my work


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Perhaps the most important output is what the product is intended to do? This could be a good starting point and then develop the rest of the documentation as a output, which later on will be used as a input from other functions.

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Design output can be many things, for example mechanical drawings, electronic schematics, software code, packaging specification, IFU, labeling.
Design outputs can be, literally, thousands of different types of documents, as shimonv mentioned. The design of a text fixture for testing product during assembly; the specification of a component to be used for procurement, the packaging design to protect the product during shipment. There is no template. ISO/TS 9002:2016 offers the following:

Screenshot 2024-05-11 150006.png

The ISO 13485:2016 – Medical devices – A practical guide book offers the following:

Design Output
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Design outputs are probably the most free form QMS document that exists. I have seen everything from a completed project plan with hundreds of pages to a single paragraph memo to file.
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