Design Testing - Is it possible to 'Buy' an FMEA analysis from specialists?


Andy Bassett

I am currently working as a consultant for a new specialised computer manufacturer in Germany (6 people only) installing a Business Management System.
My problem is that the company is working very much on a design build and test basis, and does not satisfy element 4 of ISO 9001.
My questions are;
1. Given the size of the company what would be suitable for testing the designs.
2. Is it possible to 'Buy' a FMEA analysis from specialists.
3. Is it possible to buy Taguchi style analysis from specialists.
Any help appreciated


I cannot help you in the purchasing of specialist's services but I was curious... is the company certified?

Are you going for certification?

Have you thought about going for ISO9002 until such time as the company decides to get Element 4 in order and then upgrade?


Andy Bassett

The company was certified today, with just 6 deviations and positive comments from the auditor (TÜV Deutschland). However in a classic example of the differences between obtaining ISO 9001 certification and the output quality, the company is suffering from persistent problems with the product that has been put on the market. In addition to the problems complying with the design element (of which the auditor found NO problems)i feel that some of the problems could be avoided with a little bit more careful thought at the desing stage. Unfortunetly the FMEA or Taguchi expertise does not exist in the company, and whilst i know the theorey behind the these concepts, i have no hands on experience.
What i would like to know is;
Do companies or experts exist, that could be 'hired' for a couple of week to do a FMEA/Taguchi analyis.? Or am i being unrealistic.
How do other small companies handle this that do not have the expertise internally.?

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Sure you can hire companies to do FMEAs and Taguchi (or other appropriate) analysis. Heck - you can contract with me! There's a ROM bid form here on the site - fill it out and send it in. But it sounds like it's deeper than that.


I know this answer comes late but I´m new in this forum.

2. Is it possible to 'Buy' a FMEA analysis from specialists.

Usually not but you can hire a so called FMEA-moderator. He knows the method and together with the employees he can do a FMEA.

There are different with offers within the Internet.

Good luck!

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