Design Transfer & use of "prototype" components in production devices.


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I'm starting to get a weird sense of "no matter what, I'm not going to change anything; maybe chuck up some paperwork retroactively if I have to, but not really change anything in my process", so maybe what I'm about to say is a waste.

If I had my way, there would be a lot of change - unfortunately it's not my company and I have very little say in the matter - so in that regard, yes it's a waste.
But it's far from a waste with regards to to the conversation in general and allowing me to help develop processes very slowly.

In this discussion it's definitely more a case of "how can we make what we currently do compliant with a few tweaks here or there" which isn't what I'd like to do but what I *need* to do. If I attempt to put anything else in place, from experience it would just be ignored anyway.

In a nutshell, this is the old QC mindset (as opposed to QA). Let's make something and then see if it turned out okay. It probably will. Worst case, we'll scrap it, but it probably won't 'coz we know what we're doing. And if it looks right, it's probably right. Right?
Yes, things didn't work too bad in the 70s so I guess there's no harm in keeping that state of mind. Why bother with fancy terms and mountains of paperwork?

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