Designing an integrated ISO 9000 - ISO 14000 System in a Big Marine Port



Marine Port Integrated Systems

Does anybody know where I can find info about designing an integrated 9000/14000 integrated system for a big marine port ?:confused:


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The system design isn't dependant upon the intended use....the design is contained within the standard. It doesn't mater if is a marine port or a dog kennel, the requirements are the same. The only difference is in the specifics of each organization.

Integration can made by utilizing elements identified in ISO9001:2000 Appendix "A"

Hopefully you won't get too much confusing and disjointed information.


Have you considered contacting other ports to see if they're working on this too?

The Port of Houston (Texas) was working on ISO 14001 two years ago with a two year target for completion. I don't know if they made it or if they also considered ISO 9001. But they may be able to assist you.

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go to under the new stuff page

Its a registrar that I do business with, that has just gotten into marina stuff,,,as an aside...ask for Graham Ogeran and tell him I sent you....he will take off his registrar hat and talk to you in the real world. He is a super guy and a wealth of knowledge and experience,

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