Destructive Test MSA's - Mechanical properties of adhesives

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Phil Northfield


Can anyone advise (or provide a reference) on how a MSA study can be carried out on destructive testing, specifically regarding mechanical properties of adhesives?

Ravi Khare

MSA for destructive tests

There are various approaches to perform an R&R test for destructive test processes.

You could split one sample into a number of samples so that each replication will have minimal effect of variation in samples. In case this is not feasible, you should choose as uniform samples as possible. This can be achieved by taking consicutive samples produced out of the same process.

I suppose you can split a sample into many samples, to test the mechanical properties of adhesives, since adhesives are not discrete but bulk homogenous materials at the application time.

The results obtained should be analysed using Nested ANOVA (instead of Crossed ANOVA applicable to non destructive measurements). This will resolve the total variation into:

1. Appraiser Variation
2. Parts within Appraiser
3. Residual Error ( Repeatability)
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