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Determination of TENSION SAFETY FACTORS - Table 21 IEC 60601-1

Tiago Alfenas

Starting to get Involved
Hello all!

I would like to know if anyone has experience in determining the safety factor, in our case it is a rotation where the testing laboratory considered the elongation less than 5%, I have already tried in several forums and I do not get material on metal material enlogging. Rodizio supports 70 kg and the weight of the equipment is 50 kg, the test laboratory ran into situation 4 of table 21 where it was disapproved. Neither the manufacturer has information on elongation, the standard cited elongation at 5% rupture is based on historical experience with metallic materials, in particular steel and cast iron.

Al Rosen

Staff member
Super Moderator
This is a basic engineering problem. The manufacturer should know the modulus of elasticity (Young's Modulus) of the material to calculate the elongation based on the length and cross sectional area.
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