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Determining Calibration Frequency schedule for items used in production


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Is there some sort of general calibration schedule or frequency I can look at to determine a schedule for items used in production for things such a gauges, calipers, etc.

Any help would be appreciated


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A lot of times the device will recommend general calibration timeframes based on use. It depends on the environment something is being used in, how frequently and how accurate the readings are required to be. Typically moderate use for hand tools can be within a year, though I have seen some shops with a lot of grime/grease do it every six months. It's pretty much based on your company's preference and willingness to calibrate at designated time intervals.

Currently in a clean room setting, our company calibrates hand tools every year.

Sidney Vianna

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Any help would be appreciated
That's an area where the ill-defined RISK BASED THINKING should be used to the fullest. There are so many variables, such as tolerances involved, criticality of the characteristic being measured, criticality of the product, potential for product recall, ease of verification/calibration, use conditions, environmental conditions, etc...

I've seen processes where before every shift, all of the fixtures, inspection, test and measuring devices in an (high volume) assembly line were verified. Reason being, the organization wanted to contain any potential nonconforming product from further processing.
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