Determining Document Retention Times

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Steve P. - 2002

document retention

I am having difficulty determining retention times for a couple types of documents:
-Engineering Change Notices
-Superceded part prints
-Inspection and test records (I know that the standard says 1 year after parts were manufactured, but do most people keep them significantly longer?)

If you could share your thoughts, I would appreciate it!

Randy Stewart

Here's my suggestions:
Engineering Change Notices & Superceded part prints.
Life of active part + 1 calendar year (do you have service requirements on the parts?)

Inspection and test records
We keep them for the life of the program. You may see things change after the Firestone problem.

Main thing satisfy the minimum, look at what is feasible and useable and set it for that. I once had an auditor tell me that if I had a doubt then set it for 100 years no one would be able to tell if I destroyed them in the time period or not.:vfunny:

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100 Year retention

That might be right Stew, but when you retire in 95 years, the person that replaces you will be rather pissed!:vfunny:

Also, Steve let me ad my welcome to the Cove! Don't be afreard to jump right on in. We won't bite unless your arm comes between us and our food!:bigwave:

Randy Stewart

Retention Times

They will have put a retention time on QMs and System Managers by that time Dave. The sorry thing is that by 2097 I may finally understand the 9K-1994 standard!!!:biglaugh:
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