Determining effectiveness of APQP Process throughout our entire organization


Jim Kidd

During my "new" assignment, the VP of Quality has determined that we need to standarize our Advanced Quality Process throughout our entire organization...all 16 or so facilities around the country. Part of that task is to develop a set of measurables, i.e., factors that can be used to analyize the effectiveness of the APQP project. The most obvious is, of course, 1st time approval of the PPAP package. I have other ideas on measuring effectiveness based on milestone completions and other activities, but thought I would seek out the advice of others as a gage to what I am thinking.

Your input is welcome as I delve into streamlining our system.

Al Dyer

If APQP/PPAP is effective:

PPM is low (internal & external).
Profit is as predicted.
Capability goals are being met.
Delivery is 100%.
Supplier scrap is within defined levels.
Cylce times are being met.
Positive internal/external audit results.
Personnel requirements are as quoted.
Downtime is as expected.
Customer is satisfied.
Minimal revision of control plans and process documents.

Be creative!


Howard Atkins

Forum Administrator
The target of APQP is to start producing good parts from the beginning of the project.
All Al's measurements are still valid.
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