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I work for an aerospace company ( electronic assembly - small scale batch production) and am responsible for NPI for a new product and for which I need to prepare PFMEA and Control Plan. In the past I have prepared PFMEA and Control Plan for automotive industry ( Mass production /automated machines/known cycle times ) but am having difficulty to develop the same at my current firm. I have gone through various discussions in this forum, but I have the following Doubts:

1. The DFMEA we have is at a system level and is function oriented. There are certain KC's defined in the DFMEA but they are all very generic. The PFMEA I am working on is at the LRU level (each component of the system) and am trying to link the PFMEA to the DFMEA based on the Failure effects and KCs identified in the DFMEA but am having a hard time since any failure at LRU level will lead to most of the failure modes at the system level. My vision is to take the failure effect from DFMEA and use them in the PFMEA keeping the Severity ranking same. Suggestions will be helpful.

2. Since its an aerospace assembly , most of the failure mode is >=6 , which is forcing us to define a KC (Customer Request). The problem is if everything is a KC then nothing is a KC. How should I approach it ?

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i would suggest to choose the linkage to the worst caeses .
in case of defining KC - there might be some helpful slide from webinar:
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