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DI format for UDI after we have registered it with GS1

monoj mon

Starting to get Involved
Hi All,

I have question regarding the format for the DI to used as UDI.

We have obtained our company prefix from GS1, so the final outcome of our DI became "[Single digit for package level][three digit GS1 prefix+GS1 company number][three digit item reference][check digit]". We used this format for all of our products. It was all okay until one of our distributor came to us and suggested us to remove the country code from the DI and they changed the format for the product code on the labels. So, the final DI became "[Single digit for package level][GS1 company number][five digit item reference][check digit]". I would like to know is it feasible to play around with the DI even after we have registered it with GS1 and print a modified DI instead on the label as well as in the GUDID!
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