Difference between AS9000 and AS9100




Can someone explain the difference between AS9000 and AS9100?

Or please point me to some resources/books where I can read about the standard and particular how to audit against it.

Recently purchased the std from SAE ..

Thanks in advance :)


Jim Biz

Don't know a lot about this but here's an 'In-general explaination of "the difference" -Appears that AS9100 is the latest version of AS9000 - Have you checked with ASQ? or a registrar for details?

About AS9100
AS9100 is an international aerospace standard for quality assurance in design, development, production, installation and servicing. AS9100 was developed using ISO 9001, AS9000 and EN9000-1, and succeeds the AS9000 standard by building upon the requirements to produce a harmonized standard that meets the requirements of aerospace companies worldwide. AS9100 is the first single standard accepted by and available for use across the global aerospace community. Additionally, AS9100 incorporates the requirements necessary to address both, civil and military aviation aerospace needs.

About AS9000
AS9000 was published by the SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers) in May 1997. Developed by major aerospace contractors such as Boeing, Pratt and Whitney, GE, Lockheed Martin, Northrop, and others in the industry, AS9000 is Aerospace specific, and includes all of the requirements of ISO 9001 verbatim. In addition, there are 36 supplementary items that address how ISO 9001 applies to the aerospace industry.


AS 9100 is much more comprehensive than AS 9000. Personally, I see a heavy D1-9000, BQS (Boeing) influence. Although there are many additional requirements over and above AS 9000, the biggest difference is in the area of Design Control. Element 4.4 has been greatly expanded.

AS 9101 (Quality System Assessment) is a handy document for auditing to the AS 9100 standard.


There is a new version of AS9100 that has just been published. See my previous thread. The version is now called AS9100A-2001. You may be looking at the older AS9100. There are major differences.

Sidney Vianna

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AS9000 was developed by American Aerospace organizations, under the auspices of SAE. However, since the Aerospace Supply Chain is truly global, these days, there was a need to listen to other stakeholders, around the World, especially the ones across from the Atlantic. Airbus, JAA, and others.

Thus, AS9100 (in the US), EN9100 (in Europe) and SJAC 9100 (in Japan) were released, to provide all aerospace suppliers with a single QMS Standard.

This phenomena is similar to what happened in the Automotive World. QS-9000 being an American document, being slowly replaced by TS-16949, which is THE Automotive Supply Chain QMS Standard.


9K2K to AS9100

:bonk: Has anyone found a conversion chart from 9K2K to AS9100A?


I am assuming that you are looking for a conversion chart that will allow you to go from ISO 9001:1994 to AS 9100A:2001. I have not developed one and probably won't since we are planning to reorganize and re-number our quality system documents to conform to ISO 9K2K which will then fit nicely with the new version of the AS standard. Probably less work in the long run.

However, the First Committee Drafts for ISO 9K2K had some nice matrices on pages 26, 27, and 28 that provide a cross refernce from 9K2K to ISO 9001:1994 and to ISO 14001. Since AS9100A uses the same outline as 9K2K, these pages could be used as a model.

The drafts used to be available from ASQ (item number T1200, call 1-800-248-1946). It's possible that they may still have some copies.

Sidney Vianna

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It is getting warmer . . .

Just to share some recent news. During a "by-invitation-only" seminar held in San Diego on the 14th of February, , Boeing announced to the Registrar community that they will start encouraging their existing suppliers to attain accredited certification to AS9100. While they still are not mandating "other-party" (aerospace version of 3rd-party) certification yet, a Boeing encouragement is sometimes perceived as a must-follow directive. Boeing MIGHT decide that new suppliers must be certified, before Boeing do business with them. This is still being decided. A Boeing letter to their thousands of suppliers is expected by the end of the Month.

Boeing, NASA, GEAE, Rolls Royce and UTC representatives made it very clear to the Registrars that the integrity of the other-party certification process will be closely monitored, and Registrar oversight by the large Aerospace OEMs, in addition to the accreditation agencies (RAB, INMETRO, SCC, etc.) is expected.

As of early March, there were approximately 22 ANSI-RAB Accredited Registrars for AS9100 audits and about 120 approved Aerospace Experienced Auditors. The RAB is expected to release soon an AS9100 Auditor Certification Scheme, to support the accredited audits.

The Worldwide Aerospace Community seem to be finally speaking with one single voice towards the supply chain: AS9100=EN9100=SJAC9100


I had lunch two weeks ago with our Boeing rep. who recently lost his job due to job cuts. He spoke of their plans to ultimately accept third party certification. It seems to me that they will have no other choice.............................who will do the BQMS audits?

I was told over a year ago by another Boeing rep. (military side) that they would not have to do the regular surveillance audits to the BQMS standard if our AS 9100 certification was achieved in accordance with the AIR 5359 document ("Requirements for Registration of Quality Systems to AS 9000 or AS 9100").

Yeah, there is a real shortage of qualified auditors. We had to wait several months for our registrar to be able to perform our certification audit. As of this date, they still only have a couple people qualified to do AS 9100 audits.


I have noticed changes in supplier quality requirements(SQR) since AS9100 was released, BMQS?? Boeing, Bombardier, Cessna,& Raytheon have changed SQR in last (3) months. The Aerospace Industry seems to be making dramatic improvements in the value stream(activities). Measurement, Analysis and Improvement processes have had a continual (push) in our organization; reporting perception, performances, waste & improvement opportunities(outcome of Audits/CA/PA).
I have not had an external audit since the registration in November, and this organization dispatches to numerous aerospace manufacturers and subcontractor. Customer procurement quality managers seem relieved, their evidence is in the management review minutes (record), which address M,A,& I activities & team actions. The registation auditor stated this is most important document. I haven't seen a shortage of auditors, I know of seven qualified in town, but I have seen recently suppliers reduced up to 25 % their workforce! with a certificate I'm seeing a growth in customers based. I'm still looking for site to find all AS9100(a) scopes! no luck with SAE yet.
Best of luck to all.
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