Difference Between PFMEA & Control Plan


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Hello Guys,

I have a question about a difference between a PFMEA & Control Plan in the final inspection operation.

in the PFMEA, in the final inspection operation, there are only two possible failure modes:
2500-01 - mixed parts
2500-02 - damaged parts.

In my control plan, besides those failure modes, I need to add all the previous in-process failure modes. But this way (if I keep adding rows), will not be a link between my PFMEA and CP.

I have asked for my process engineer to add all previous in-process failure modes that the inspector will check, but he says this is not possible since in the PFMEA there are only the failure modes that are produced at each station.
I have attached a PPT illustrating my point.

What do you guys think is the better way to cope with this situation?

Thanks in advance for your feedback,


re: Difference Between PFMEA & Control Plan

Failure modes have to be prevented and detected at the point of manufacture (at station), wherever possible.

Final inspection is an additional detection control for these failure modes. Instead of adding failure modes at final inspection, you can add Final inspection at stages as an additional control.

Adding failure modes of earlier stations won't be right IMHO. You can specify product characteristics to be checked in control plan / give reference to other document specifying these characteristics.
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re: Difference Between PFMEA & Control Plan

In my earlier post I've presented what are main requirements for inspection activities. If you know these requirements your first idea won't be e.g. damage of parts.

Scope of product inspection activities following manufacturing process is defined strictly by failure modes determined for manufacturing process and proposed there detection activities. That's simple "copy paste" job during creation of control plan.


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Hi OmarEn,

For PFMEA’s I always ask what could go wrong. What would go wrong during inspection? Missing damaged or mixed material could happen. What is the risk to missing adulterated parts and what is the mitigation would be in the final inspection. This is not to say that damaged and mixed materials should not be part of a PFMEA.

I am interested to read other responses because I have not linked a PFMEA and a control plan with the level of detail that your company performs.


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