Difference Between TS 16949 Tier 1, 2, and 3 Suppliers



Can anyone tell me the difference between the Tiers which dictate whether a supplier can qualify for TS.
My company manufactures and ships completed product to the big 3 and others. They in turn just attach our product to theirs i.e. cars, trucks, Suvs etc. Does this make us a Tier 1 supplier. Any help is appreciated thanks


Tiers and tears (really the same thing)

A Tier 1 is a company that supplies components, or services directly to the assembly plant. For example, Ford has some plants that are Tier 1. Tier 2 supplies Tier 1 and down the line.

It is common for a company to be a Tier 1 for one product, or service, and a Tier 2 for another.

Also, in a generic sense, a Tier 1 can also be a company that provides product or service directly to one of the Big 3. This is the most common definition, but not entirely accurate.

Now, does it matter? Not really. A company could be a Tier 4 and still be TS. If your company supplies product, that is parts that are actually going on the vehicle, then you might be required to have TS. Hold on, because the rules still are not set (as far as I know)

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What Dave B Said! :)

As I've noticed in several of Dave's posts, he's hit the nail on the head. If what your company produces ends up on cars, or if you provide service to the automotive industry, then you're eligible for TS2 certification, regardless of what tier your organization is in. Check out the automotive addtions to clause 1.1 of TS2. Of course, you must also satisfy the definitions of "site" and "Manufacturing" in clause 3.

Whether or not you're REQUIRED to get TS2 certification is another matter. If you're Tier 1 (direct supplier to an OEM), odds are the answer is yes (definitely so if your OEM customer is GM, Ford or Daimler-Chrysler). The jury is still out on subtier suppliers, presumably anouncements are forthcoming.


Re: Difference Between Tier 1, 2, and 3 Suppliers

Dear all,
need some help with this:

1. Mine is a paint manufacturing company. We supply paints to the automotive as well as the parts (bumper, etc) manufactures. Does this make us tier 1 or tier 2 supplier?

2. How about our suppliers (solvent, resin, pigments, colourant)? are they tier 3 suppliers?

3. What level of PPAP submission should i ask from my suppliers?

4. According to our consultant, we can create our own PPAP format for our suppliers. Since all our suppliers are "catalog chemicals' suppliers (im not sure how to call it, but these are additives, pigments, resins, etc) we have asked them provide the MSDS, TSDS together with COA. is it sufficient? or do i need to ask them for other info?

5. Currently we are facing difficulties as most of our solvent suppliers are traders and not manufacturers. I was shocked to learn that they get the supplies from a few manufacturers (and sometimes traders). and these depends on who offers them the best price at the time. So, my boss suggested that we ask them to submit all the COA's from their manufacturers or suppliers to qualify/approve. My question is, is it acceptable to have a few COA for the same material? also, can we have a few suppliers for the same material?

Apologies if similar questions have been posted before. I could not find all the answers i was looking for from other threads that i went through.Thanks for your help.
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