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Differences in CQE, CSTE, CSQA, CQA

Can anyone help distinguish the above differences. I work in an environment where it seems some engineering, mechanical and software testing is involved. Been in this field for over 15 years. What certification would best be in?
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Jen Kirley

Quality and Auditing Expert
Staff member
I am sorry for the delay in this reply.

Have you reviewed ASQ's Certification page? The links in the left column will lead you to more information.

I do not have all of the certifications you list, but can assure you they are very different, for example the Quality Engineer and Quality Auditor are completely different functions (though one person can do both).


Captain Nice
Staff member
What certification would best be in?
These are all ASQ certifications. My advice is to go for one, then another and get as many as you can over time. At one time I had 4 certifications but retired and let them all lapse.

I can say that I got jobs early on based on my college courses and transcript. ASQ (was then the ASQC) certifications never came into play as an employment requirement. None the less, I am big on education so while I don't believe a person with a specific certification (or degree) is necessarily proficient, it is an indicator and never hurts.

Since you do have a job, I'd say your performance will be the important part in your future success.

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