Different between the ISO9001:2000 and the Tickit standard in software



:bigwave: What is the different between the ISO9001:2000 and the Tickit standard in the software companies , by other meaning what is the added value for an IT company to establish its system on ISO9001:2000 and tickit .

Don't you think that ISO9001:2000 is enough?

Adam Scrase

Hello Khaled
My company are ISO9001:2000 certified in accordance with TickIT, or at least that's what it says on the certificate. From a totally personal view I haven't seen any real benefit from having the TickIT bit. The document is useful, I treat it like a software version of 9004. I haven't seen any benefit from having TickIT certified auditors, (sweeping generalisation alert :) ) most of their software knowledge is 20 years out of date.

You can easily be certified to 9001:2000 as a software company and ignore TickIT.

Any help?
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