Different Policies Companies Have - Safety, Quality, Harrassment, Security, Handling


David Mullins

different policies

What different policies have you used or encountered?

Below is a starting list - if you a new/different policy please add the name:

Safety (A.K.A. - OSH, OHS, OHS&W)
REDACTED Harassment
Equal Employment Opportunity (A.K.A. - Equity and Diversity)
Rehabilitation and return to work
Smoke free workplace
Manual Handling
Studies Assistance

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No handguns allowed (I guess they figure we can't hide a shotgun or rifle? or maybe it is ok to shoot someone with a sawed off 12 gauge, just not with a 9mm?)
Bereavement pay
hey, this list just goes on and on

David Mullins

Thanks Guys/Gals?

A brief search, and me not expecting to find anything useful, revealed a starter list that made my post look pretty dumb. As you can see:
• Access to Medical Records (Standard)
• Access to Personnel Files (Standard)
• Accommodating Persons with a Disability
• Affirmative Action Policy (Standard)
• AIDS (Standard)
• Beeper/Pager Usage (Standard)
• Bomb Threats (Standard)
• Bonus for Hospital Audit
• Bonus Plan (Standard)
• Bulletin Boards (Standard)
• Business Casual Clothing (Standard)
• Business Ethics (Standard)
• Business Opportunities and Developments (Standard)
• Call-in Pay (Standard)
• Casual Clothing (Standard)
• Casual Days (Standard)
• Challenge of Drug Screen (Standard)
• Code of Conduct (Standard)
• Conflict of Interest and Business Ethics (Stand...
• Contagious Diseases (Standard)
• Continuation Coverage (Standard)
• Contract Labor (Standard)
• Criminal History Record (Standard)
• Death of an Employee (Standard)
• Deductions (Standard)
• Deductions for Recruiting Expense (Standard)
• Deductions for Relocation Expense (Standard)
• Disciplinary Action (Standard)
• Disciplinary Procedure (Strict)
• Discipline (Progressive)
• Dress Code: Appearance (Standard)
• Drugs & Alcohol
• Educational Leave of Absence
• Electronic Mail (E-Mail) (Standard)
• Emergencies (Standard)
• Employee Educational Assistance Program (Standard)
• Employee Grievances and Complaints (Progressive)
• Employee Hours (Standard)
• Employee Status Definitions (Standard)
• Employment Agreement (Standard)
• Employment At Will/Discipline (Standard)
• Entertainment Expenses (Standard)
• Equal Employment Opportunity (Standard)
• Exit Interview
• Flextime (Progressive)
• Fraternization (Standard)
• Garnishment of Employee's Wages (Progressive)
• Garnishments (Standard)
• Government Investigations (Standard)
• Grievance Handling (Strict)
• Grievance Policy and Procedure (Standard)
• Holidays (Standard)
• Hours of Work and Overtime (Strict)
• Immigration (Standard)
• Immigration Law and I-9 Procedures for New Hire...
• Inclemental Weather (Standard)
• Insurance (Standard)
• Internet (Standard)
• Internet Acceptable Use Policy
• Interview, Reference Checking, and Selection Pr...
• Job Posting (Standard)
• Job Sharing (Standard)
• Jury Duty (Standard)
• Layoff & Recall Procedure (Standard)
• Layoff and Recall Procedure (Progressive)
• Layoffs (Standard)
• Layoffs (Union) (Strict)
• Leave Bank (Standard)
• Leave of Absence (Standard)
• Leave of Absence for Long and Short Terms of Un...
• Life-Threatening Diseases and Disabilities
• Mail (Standard)
• Matching Charitable Gifts (Standard)
• Maternity Leave
• Merit Increases (Progressive)
• Military Leave and Reinstatement (Progressive)
• Moonlighting (Standard)
• News Media Relations (Standard)
• Noncompete Contract (Standard)
• Overtime (Standard)
• Ownership of Suggestions (Standard)
• Pay in Lieu of Notice Guidelines (Progressive)
• Payroll Deductions (Standard)
• Performance Reviews (Standard)
• Personnel Requisition and Recruitment (Standard)
• Physical Examinations, Company-Paid (Standard)
• Possible Company Property Warning Sign - Drugs ...
• Pre-employment Physical Examination (Standard)
• Probationary Period (Standard)
• Progression Pay Increases (Hourly) (Strict)
• Promotion (Standard)
• Protective Footwear (Standard)
• Purchasing (Standard)
• Re-Employment of Veterans (Standard)
• Reinstatement of Prior Service (Standard)
• Response to Government Inquiries (Standard)
• Response to Requests for Employee Information (...
• Retirement (Standard)
• Return to Work (Standard)
• Robbery (Standard)
• Safety (Standard)
• Safety Program (Standard)
• Salary Administration (Strict)
• Sample Family & Medical Leave Policy (Short)
• REDACTED Harassment Policy
• Suggestion Systems (Standard)
• Summary Plan Description (Standard)
• Telecommuting (Standard)
• Telephone Monitoring (Standard)
• Termination and Severance Pay Policy (Standard)
• Termination of Employment (Strict)
• Termination Pay (Strict)
• Trainee Status (Standard)
• Transfer (Standard)
• Travel Pay (Standard)
• Tuition Benefits (Standard)
• Unemployment Compensation (Standard)
• Uniformed Service Leave (Standard)
• Vacation (Standard)
• Violence (Standard)
• Voice Mail (Standard)
• Wage and Salary Administration (Standard)
• Working Hours — Time Cards (Standard)



standards and policies

We have a smoke-free workplace......except in the bathroom stalls, which are almost always occupied!
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