Different Policies Companies Have - Safety, Quality, Harrassment, Security, Handling


David Mullins

different policies

What different policies have you used or encountered?

Below is a starting list - if you a new/different policy please add the name:

Safety (A.K.A. - OSH, OHS, OHS&W)
REDACTED Harassment
Equal Employment Opportunity (A.K.A. - Equity and Diversity)
Rehabilitation and return to work
Smoke free workplace
Manual Handling
Studies Assistance


Al Dyer

Like in employee Manuals?




Super Moderator
Trusted Information Resource
No handguns allowed (I guess they figure we can't hide a shotgun or rifle? or maybe it is ok to shoot someone with a sawed off 12 gauge, just not with a 9mm?)
Bereavement pay
hey, this list just goes on and on

David Mullins

Thanks Guys/Gals?

A brief search, and me not expecting to find anything useful, revealed a starter list that made my post look pretty dumb. As you can see:
• Access to Medical Records (Standard)
• Access to Personnel Files (Standard)
• Accommodating Persons with a Disability
• Affirmative Action Policy (Standard)
• AIDS (Standard)
• Beeper/Pager Usage (Standard)
• Bomb Threats (Standard)
• Bonus for Hospital Audit
• Bonus Plan (Standard)
• Bulletin Boards (Standard)
• Business Casual Clothing (Standard)
• Business Ethics (Standard)
• Business Opportunities and Developments (Standard)
• Call-in Pay (Standard)
• Casual Clothing (Standard)
• Casual Days (Standard)
• Challenge of Drug Screen (Standard)
• Code of Conduct (Standard)
• Conflict of Interest and Business Ethics (Stand...
• Contagious Diseases (Standard)
• Continuation Coverage (Standard)
• Contract Labor (Standard)
• Criminal History Record (Standard)
• Death of an Employee (Standard)
• Deductions (Standard)
• Deductions for Recruiting Expense (Standard)
• Deductions for Relocation Expense (Standard)
• Disciplinary Action (Standard)
• Disciplinary Procedure (Strict)
• Discipline (Progressive)
• Dress Code: Appearance (Standard)
• Drugs & Alcohol
• Educational Leave of Absence
• Electronic Mail (E-Mail) (Standard)
• Emergencies (Standard)
• Employee Educational Assistance Program (Standard)
• Employee Grievances and Complaints (Progressive)
• Employee Hours (Standard)
• Employee Status Definitions (Standard)
• Employment Agreement (Standard)
• Employment At Will/Discipline (Standard)
• Entertainment Expenses (Standard)
• Equal Employment Opportunity (Standard)
• Exit Interview
• Flextime (Progressive)
• Fraternization (Standard)
• Garnishment of Employee's Wages (Progressive)
• Garnishments (Standard)
• Government Investigations (Standard)
• Grievance Handling (Strict)
• Grievance Policy and Procedure (Standard)
• Holidays (Standard)
• Hours of Work and Overtime (Strict)
• Immigration (Standard)
• Immigration Law and I-9 Procedures for New Hire...
• Inclemental Weather (Standard)
• Insurance (Standard)
• Internet (Standard)
• Internet Acceptable Use Policy
• Interview, Reference Checking, and Selection Pr...
• Job Posting (Standard)
• Job Sharing (Standard)
• Jury Duty (Standard)
• Layoff & Recall Procedure (Standard)
• Layoff and Recall Procedure (Progressive)
• Layoffs (Standard)
• Layoffs (Union) (Strict)
• Leave Bank (Standard)
• Leave of Absence (Standard)
• Leave of Absence for Long and Short Terms of Un...
• Life-Threatening Diseases and Disabilities
• Mail (Standard)
• Matching Charitable Gifts (Standard)
• Maternity Leave
• Merit Increases (Progressive)
• Military Leave and Reinstatement (Progressive)
• Moonlighting (Standard)
• News Media Relations (Standard)
• Noncompete Contract (Standard)
• Overtime (Standard)
• Ownership of Suggestions (Standard)
• Pay in Lieu of Notice Guidelines (Progressive)
• Payroll Deductions (Standard)
• Performance Reviews (Standard)
• Personnel Requisition and Recruitment (Standard)
• Physical Examinations, Company-Paid (Standard)
• Possible Company Property Warning Sign - Drugs ...
• Pre-employment Physical Examination (Standard)
• Probationary Period (Standard)
• Progression Pay Increases (Hourly) (Strict)
• Promotion (Standard)
• Protective Footwear (Standard)
• Purchasing (Standard)
• Re-Employment of Veterans (Standard)
• Reinstatement of Prior Service (Standard)
• Response to Government Inquiries (Standard)
• Response to Requests for Employee Information (...
• Retirement (Standard)
• Return to Work (Standard)
• Robbery (Standard)
• Safety (Standard)
• Safety Program (Standard)
• Salary Administration (Strict)
• Sample Family & Medical Leave Policy (Short)
• REDACTED Harassment Policy
• Suggestion Systems (Standard)
• Summary Plan Description (Standard)
• Telecommuting (Standard)
• Telephone Monitoring (Standard)
• Termination and Severance Pay Policy (Standard)
• Termination of Employment (Strict)
• Termination Pay (Strict)
• Trainee Status (Standard)
• Transfer (Standard)
• Travel Pay (Standard)
• Tuition Benefits (Standard)
• Unemployment Compensation (Standard)
• Uniformed Service Leave (Standard)
• Vacation (Standard)
• Violence (Standard)
• Voice Mail (Standard)
• Wage and Salary Administration (Standard)
• Working Hours — Time Cards (Standard)


David Mullins

Wold you believe:

They have a considerable list, plus samples, links (to even more policy/job description/forms/etc.



standards and policies

We have a smoke-free workplace......except in the bathroom stalls, which are almost always occupied!
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