Different types of Calibration Laboratories


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Calibration Laboratories

I've got to write a paper on different types of calibration laboratories. Can anyone tell me where I can find some information.
Thanks a lot.
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Rather broad question. A few good starting places would be:

www.ncslinternational.org (they are a liaison organization that provide best practice information on operation of calibration labs.

www.nist.gov (National Institute of Standards and Technology). They provide top level traceability of measurement accuracy. It is a big website, and you may have to do some digging around, as they are involved in areas other than calibration.

You could contact a few of the test equipment manufacturers websites. www.fluke.com , www.agilent.com are a couple of the most major manufacturers.

There is a metrology website http://paul-ramseyer.com/ with lots of links.

Do web searching on the keywords


Those should narrow you down. The challenging aspect of finding good information on the calibration field for someone who is not in the field is that it encompasses numerous scientific disciplines and many, many manufacturers. So you could easily get lost in the number of different directions you have to go.

I might recommend a few focal points:
-NIST traceability
-What are the different measurement disciplines
-What are the 'puzzle pieces' needed to properly operate a calibration laboratory.

As I am perceiving this may be an academic research paper, I'll stop there, as I wouldn't want to spoil too much of your fun in finding the information.

For specific questions, please feel free to email or post here. I think you came to the right place for this type question.
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