Dilbert on "Whistleblowers"

Wes Bucey

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This thread won't last long, because the archive for Scot Adams' strip will soon expire.
It struck me that many of our discussions about ethics and whistleblowing can be distilled into this one strip.

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Al Dyer

There is a fine line between "Acceptable Levels" and acts that lead to whistleblowing.

The military buys a jet and knows that some will blow up. How many is the acceptable level?

The tire maker knows that tire "A" will experience blow outs starting at 20,000 miles while tire "B" starts at 50,000 miles. "A" costs less than "B" and the consumer decides what he wants. Where whistleblowing and deceipt come into play is when the tire company finds out that tire "B" really fails at 30,000 miles and covers that fact up.
Most of all this comes down to analyzing statistical calculations and setting a level where the cost of lawsuits go overs the costs of design intention. And we all know that there are liars, **** liars, and statistitions

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