Dimensional Lab (CMM Room) vs. Physical Test/Calibration Lab - Same required temp/hum


Ken K

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Under QS9000, should a Dimensional Lab (CMM Room) use the same required temp/humidity levels as a Physical Test/Calibration Lab? Are they considered one and the same.

Jerry Eldred

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I would have to say no. Each lab has to maintain the appropriate temperature, humidity and/or other environmentals applicable to what is done in that lab. You need to review the environmental parameters for the Dimensional lab (68 degrees F/20 degrees Celsius is typical) and operate it to it's own requirements based on measurements made there. It may be that both labs could be operated under the same environmental limits. But you must evaluate each lab individually.



Taking the most sensitive piece of equipment maintained in the individual labs as well as the most sensitive set of measurements made, you should be albe to fairly definitively determine the environmental conditions that should apply to both areas.
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