DIN 74324 vs automotive reused resin mix rules

Pawel Zelazowski

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greatings for every involwed in topic - thank You in advance for Your opinion and sugestion.

I'm looking for any "written" information about ban for using reused resin for making new plastic part (ex. PA6 or PA12) in automotive indrasty.

I't seems to be "Yeti" topic - everybody known but no one know where to find it.

I have situation on company where customer required on a drawing DIN74324 - doesn't want to make exeption for grinding stock- not agree for use regrained resin for molding - even if norm: DIN74324 on point "reworked material may be used as grinding stock, as long as it does not make up more than 20% of the new material". My boss is not accepting this (price) and try to find any written conclusion of ban.


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In my experience, it is very common to limit the amount of regrind used in molding parts. There are many defects that can be caused by regrind.

Go to the "Attachments List" tab above and search for the "Plastic Defects Guide".
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