Directed Source PPAP - FORD CSRs



Our customer (a ford group co.) STA are stating they do not wish to sign off PPAPs from Customer-specified sources. Our opinion is that the customer should lead the PPAP from a directed source, as we have limited "Clout" with such a supplier, and that we should buy-in / concur with their PPAP, as we are still deemed responsible. I cannot see any guidance anywhere. Any views?


Basically I agree with your position. However it has also been my experience that even though you are directed to use a specific supplier, the customer expects you to maintain that supplier as your own. So basically the relationship will likely be the reverse of what you describe. You will sign off, but your customer needs to back you up if quality issues arise.

We have such a supplier, and it has been difficult to control them for this reason. We have been lucky in that our customer has worked with us and backed us up when quality issues required it. But we still have had to take some drastic steps with these people.
We finally started withholding payment for bad materials, and backcharging them for any extra labor required. That got their attention.

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