Discussing Quality Objectives with a new CEO - What would YOU ASK?


Mark Smith

I am the Director of Quality for a small company. Tomorrow Morning I have the opportunity to meet our NEW CEO for the first time and discern what objectives for quality he may have concerning the company. We are ISO 9001 registered and will be attempting to obtain the CE mark next year for one of our products. From what I can gather, this person has a highly technical background (Engineering) and also some past experience as a CEO. If you were in my shoes tomrrow, What might be some of the key questions you would want to ask this person to get a good understanding of their quality philosophy?


Fully vaccinated are you?
I'd ask what s/he what their definition of quailty is with respect to your product(s).

Jim Biz

I'd ask "do you focus first on system/process issues or product delivery results?


I would ask,how much time he can spare(%) in each business meeting on product improvement and system improvement.

David Mullins

Unless you can tangibly prove the benefits that ISO 9001 has brought to the company, and be prepared to sell its on-going significance in the future of the business, I'd ask whether the CEO preferred tennis or racket ball!


Al Dyer


I would ask his/her opinion if the quality system is directed towards prevention over detection and if you would have the autonomy to direct the continuous improvement process.



Al Dyer
Mngt. Rep.
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