Disposal of White and Brown goods Decree


Jim Barry

Apparently there is a forthcoming law to force those marketing/manufacturing/supplying the European market with electrical/electronic goods to take back end of life goods or goods that are being replaced in a new for old swap. This legislation puts a duty on the manufacturer to uplift and dispose of any of their dead product in the field. I have just recieved word that Holand have partly implemented this and that as we supply into this market then I need to notify the Dutch government of our intentions to comply with the law.

Does anyone know of the Dutch or pending Euro legislation? Can anyone give advice on what action should be taken? Is there a professional body within U.K. that can advise or train in the new legislation?

Thanks. Jim

barb butrym

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I have heard that as well...as a matter of fact I have a client that is going to perform that service for the Toshiba's and IBM's of the world...and he needs ISO14000 ASAP to cover the customer requirements. Will be learning more soon, and I'll keep the forum posted

Paul Caffery

My company, Thomas Davenport & Associates Limited based in the UK, have just appointed Tom Batterbury a leading European Environmental Management System specialist as Director of Environmental Management Systems. We can help you in Europe.


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Is 14000 in your field, barb? Did you do the lead auditor in that as well?

barb butrym

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yes marc, I co-tutor on our 14000 lead assessor (my part is the auditor stuff)......But I am still learning the ropes on legislations....so to speak.
I have not seen the 'rules' but understand them to be as Jim says. To comply the PC manufacturers of the world (IBM, NEC, Toshiba already....the rest falling in close behind) are contracting out their collection of old stuff to 'remanufacturers' and are forcing them to go the 14000 route. Its a huge new business growing, and they (small remanufacturers)are utilizing the perks of 14000 as good as, if not better than, Ford, IBM and the rest of the big guys that have bought in. The ideas that surface and $$ saved is awesome.
Paul Caffery at TDA above me here...has many more contacts in the Uk and Europe than I do. Paul is an old friend...Paul?
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