Distinguishing multiple importers with symbols


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Hi, with the new MDR, Brexit and Swixit we're finding ourselves with multiple importers to be placed on to the labelling... with country representatives these can be easily and clearly distinguished by use of the [EC|REP] symbol from ISO 15223, [CH|REP] for switzerland or UKRP symbol for UK...

However, regarding importers there is no such guidance... all I can see is the importer symbol from ISO 15223. However this doesn't provide any guidance for modification to clarify for what territory the importer is for

I've seen in section 5.3.2 of ISO 20417 that when using contact details for multiple countries are provided, the country shall be identified by either the country codes from ISO 3166 or the name of the country in the language of that country

One thought we had is to use the country code as a prefix to the importer symbol (This follows suit with the repersentative symbols e.g. "CH" rep for switzerland)... however in Europe there is no country code in ISO 3166..... We could use "EC" importer; however as this isn't part of any ISO standard we'd have to clarify this in the symbols glossary

Is there any thoughts on best practice on how to approach this?
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