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Do Brands Matter When Purchasing Bore Gauge?

Sorry, if this seams like a stupid question, and been asking everyone and not getting a straight answer anywhere.

I am looking to purchase a bore gauge to measure some bearings that i will later simulate. I need to measure somewhere between 25-30mm and require high accuracy and so i am looking for a high resolution.

I have been looking at many brands all differ in price but the specification are almost identical.

Has anyone had experience with this product (ABG2530)? 25 - 30mm Three-Point Analogue Bore Gauge ABG2530

Or is it worth spending more money...


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While I don't have much experience with bore gauges, my experience with other precision gauges is that the brand does matter. Each brand has a slightly different design approach to their gauges that does matter. Some are easier to set, some can be touchy, etc. Remember that the accuracy was established on ring gauges and not on actual product with variation in form. There are other differences such as vernier vs. dial vs. digital that will impact your results.
I am not familiar with the brand you are considering, however I will say that 'you get what you pay for', and this is just as true for bore gauges as anything else.
Another thing to consider is WHICH value you want for the bore? Minimum inscribed/maximum circumscribed/least squares mean? Each of these is different, and bore gauges will not consistently measure ANY of them - they provide a 3 point measurement in a single plane.
Is it worthwhile considering sending the bearings out to have them measured by a 3rd party, using a more accurate and repeatable measurement, such as a scanning-head CMM?
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