Do I need A2LA Accreditation?


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At this facility, we build industrial products, some with applications for heavy vehicles. We have a lab area in the plant, where we perform periodic control tests, mostly to monitor trends in performance/durability. Occasionally we will have a customer request a test report, based on these tests; we generally provide a summary of the results.

Now, a customer is asking for our A2LA lab accreditation. While we do test per SAE and other industry standards, and our facility is ISO-9001 certified, we haven't seen the need to have A2LA accreditation.

My question is: should we be A2LA? What criteria exists that suggests we should be, or that is unnecessary?

John Broomfield

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Re: A2LA Accreditation: Do I need it?


At least make sure your lab conforms to the requirements for competent labs as specified in ISO 17025.

ISO 9001 specifies no such requirements.

Then you have to decide whether to obtain accreditation by A2LA or some other accreditation body that is respected by your clients.

I would not rely on ISO 9001 certification when it comes to labs except perhaps to assure and improve customer service.

ISO 17025 is the standard to choose (no brainer) but the value of accreditation needs your market research.



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John is correct, accreditation must be a business decision.

However, if you seek it, remember that A2LA is one of several accreditation bodies (ABs).

The ABs: IAS, NVLAP, A2LA, L-A-B, ACLASS, and PJLA. Either are acceptable and each must accept the others' accreditations as equivalent to their own.

Hope this helps.
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