Do software products make life easier in the Quality Documentation arena?



In evaluating our company's QS documentation, as well as APQP documentation, several people have asked me if it makes sense to purchase third part software to manage our document process. As the management representative I've been tasked to look into this possibility.

Does anyone have any comments regarding products from companies like Powerway, Omnex(AQUA) or Pilgrim? Do these products really make life easier in the Quality Documentation arena?


I've mentioned this in posts before, but I like Harrington Group's Document Control software. You can download a 30 day free trial to see how it can be used at your place of business. If you don't like it, or it is unsuitable for you, just let the 30 days expire. Then you have only read "rights". No obligation to purchase.
No, I do not work for them. Try


We used powerway as our first system then scrapped it. We have aqua but use it for FEMA, control plans and process flow charts only. We use Access for everything else.

Al Dyer

A co-worker and I were tasked with finding a solution to our document control system that would minimize wasted time, ensure proper approval and control, and lead to a paperless networked document system.

We finally came to the decision to use Pilgrim because they fit all of the criteria on our "wish" list, they were reasonably priced, and the customer service has been great.

The most important thing to do is set up a list of requirements that includes a wish list and know what you want your document control system to do in the end. Basically handle the task as you would any other project management process.


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Jim Triller

Why not create a web site on the company intranet? A relative web novice, using a simple HTML editing tool such as MS FrontPage or Macromedia's Dreamweaver, can build an easy to use web site that could satisfy any documentation control requirement. I have done so for both single site and multi-site (registered) companies. This approach can be easier, more effective and far less expensive than using some licensed product. If you have specific questions concerning this type of approach feel free to ask me.
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