Do suppliers need a laboratory scope?


Dan Larsen

If you're referring to a supplier of test/calibration services, ISO 9002 isn't enough for QS. The supplier must be accredited to ISO Guide 25 (17025). 25/17025 defines the requirement for a scope. If the provider is only ISO, they may not have a scope as defined by QS, and even if they did, it would carry no weight without accreditation.

If you're referring to another type of supplier, I'm a bit confused...never had a QS auditor be concerned with the scope for a non-test/non-calibration supplier. Nonetheless, the scope of an ISO registration should appear on their registration certificate (e.g. "provider of machined parts").


IS09002 lab scope

I am aware that under QS it is necessary for us to have a lab scope. But what about when our supplier is ISO9002 certified. Is it necessary for them to have a scope of accreditation under ISO? If not,then what must we do if our customer is requesting us to provide a scope of accreditation?


I am getting a lot of calls from ISO 9000 companies asking for our accreditation documents. In the past, these requests have been primarly from QS 9000 customers. In my humble opinion, I think as companies learn about the benefits of using accredited labs, there is more demand. I also had a customer tell me that since we were A2LA, they would not have to send in there own auditor which saved money.

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