Do we have to perform MSA on every drawing dimension measured?




Background info
We manufacture springs. Common devices used in measuring the springs are: Caliper, and device for measuring force.

Two questions.
1. Do we have to performe MSA on every specification even if it is not a special characteristic?

2. Which value do we send to customer. R&R on process variation or tolerance variation?

Al Dyer

Do you supply the automotive industry?

If so,

A: Each type of gage must go through an MSA (Bias, Linearity if applicable, and ongoing stability) study per AIAG MSA manual. This does not mean that each product specification needs to be assessed.

B: We have always used the long form R&R format in the AIAG MSA manual. This takes into account both equipment and operator (appraiser) error. Our R&R studies always include at least 2 operators and 1 quality technician.

As usual, your customer may request you to submit different, or additional, data based on their own criteria.

This is a very short answer and there are many more experienced members of this forum that can address this subject.


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